On July 27th,  2022, after a long time praying to God for guidance, MMCEM opened its first Professional center: Providence Professional Center of the Bate Palave, Dominican Republic/Providencia Centro de Formacion Profesional del Bate Palave, Republica Dominicana

Providence Professional Center is located in the village of Bate Palave in the Dominican Republic (DR).  The Bate Palave once used to be one of the centers for the sugar cane industry in the DR, and people used to travel there for work. Many of those people came from the neighboring country, Haiti.  Today, that industry is gone, but the people who migrated there stayed in Palave generation after generation with no opportunity.

Providence Professional Center of the Bate Palave opened its first sewing school and has 52 students now.  There are 37  full-time students and 15 part-time students.  These students come free of charge.  The school provides the basic supplies, and four sewing machines.  The center has two employees.  The director for the program who teaches and  her assistant who also teaches. Both are qualified professionals in the field.

The center starts in a church sanctuary.  The sanctuary is the only room besides the Pastor’s tiny office. We are thankful to the Pastor and his staff for allowing us to use this space for the school;  however, some church activities many times coincide with the classes and often cause class cancellation. Providence Professional Center of the Bate Palave needs its own space.

The Center is growing. The students need more sewing machines and more tables. However, our priority right now is space. The center needs its own local.

Please, help us with acquiring a place to house the Center.  Become a Part of the Mouvement !

Please Donate to MMCEM  INC. Po. Box 2531, Fort Pierce, FL 34954.

Thank you for your attention and your generosity.